A Snippet of Another Work

I was just going through some of the material I wrote when I was like fourteen or fifteen.  One of the beginning descriptions struck me.  I thought it wasn’t too bad for a fourteen-year-old, though I could definitely edit out some awkward places…  I wanted to see what others thought. — Janice stood idly, or […]

A Smuggler’s Story, Part 2

Hello all, here we go with part 2 of last week’s story, and my entry for the story prompt “Indian” in Rachel Ritchey’s #blogbattle Let me know what you think! Positive and negative feedback welcome. 🙂 — A Smuggler’s Story, Part 2 Amilan Severs. Son of a terrestrial slug. Who the hell was that? I […]

A Smuggler’s Story

I actually wrote this to enter into Rachel Ritchey’s #blogbattle and at the time I did not have a wordpress site of my own, so she graciously posted it on her blog.  I’m posting it here after the fact because I’m thinking I’m going to make a series of it, and thus it would be […]