A Snippet of Another Work

I was just going through some of the material I wrote when I was like fourteen or fifteen.  One of the beginning descriptions struck me.  I thought it wasn’t too bad for a fourteen-year-old, though I could definitely edit out some awkward places…  I wanted to see what others thought.

Janice stood idly, or rather sleepily, looking out upon the lights of Seattle, the noise of traffic echoing clearly through the overall darkness of night, up from the paved valleys between sky scrapers.  Her own hotel window was probably a hundred feet off the ground but that didn’t seem to dampen the noise any.  In the distance, though not too distant, was the Space Needle, towering above all the other man-made mountains, illuminated with thousands of light sources most of which brightened the sky and blotted out the stars for none other than commercial purposes.


2 thoughts on “A Snippet of Another Work

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