A Smuggler’s Story, Part 6

I felt a bead of sweat run from my temple to my chin as I gritted my teeth in the mouth guard. I shut out the pain in the right side of my torso, keeping my eyes fixed on the blue-eyed, flaxen-haired man shifting his weight from side to side several paces in front of […]

A Smuggler’s Story, Part 5

“So what did this George person promise you to get you to leave your cushy life in the empire and come deliver a message to Coalition barbarians?” His voice held an edge of contempt and his square, German jawline twitched under tastefully cultivated stubble as he watched my reaction with dark, Italian eyes. I cleared […]

A Smuggler’s Story, Part 4

Silence. Absolute silence. The sort of silence a deaf man would hear. Cold. Intense, bitter cold, gripping my entire body in an icy embrace. Pain. Prickling, throbbing pain all over me as blood vessels broke the surface of my skin. I squinted at the asteroid in front of me, my eyes screaming with pressure they […]

A Smuggler’s Story, Part 3

Hello again, here we are with the third installment of A Smuggler’s Story and my entry for the word prompt “Forest” on Rachael Ritchey’s #blogbattle! — A Smuggler’s Story, Part 3 “I think I’m going to be sick,” I groaned aloud, leaning into the braking couch, staring through the forest of trash that I hadn’t […]